Why Us ?

We at Pristine Fire like to provide our customers with best quality and service possible. Here are some of the things we do to meet your expectations or perhaps surpass them.

Quality Assurance

100% Certification

We are confident about the quality of the products that we offer, and we happily send every piece jewellery that we sell to an independent gemological laboratory for evaluation and assessment. Oh, and these laboratories are internationally known for their quality benchmarks. And the result? They do agree with our confidence. That is why all our jewellery is certified by laboratories like SGL, IGI and others.

100% Hallmarking

Not only Diamonds, Gold in all our jewellery also goes thru same standard of testing. We 100% assure you of the purity of our gold? When we say 18kt or 14kt gold, we mean it. You can check it anytime though. All our metals are hallmarked, and that too as per the BIS standards and accredited laboratories.

Shipping & Insurance

Free Shipping

Yes, you just made a very wise decision to buy a fine jewellery from us. We understand your excitement and we want to deliver your purchase to you fast and hassle free. This is why we use the some of the most reliable delivery service companies in India. We also make sure that our products are packaged well to prevent any possible damage during delivery. All this doesn’t cost you one extra rupee.


We not only assure you of our product quality, but also ensure that they are delivered to you safely. This is why all our jewellery is insured against loss due to theft or problem that may prevent your purchase to reach from our door to yours.

Return & Exchange


You bought this very nice piece of jewellery from us. But, after a while, you got bored wearing it. Or you saw something else in our store that you liked way more than the one you have. Well, we have good news for you. You can exchange your jewellery anytime (even if years pass by)! You can even exchange it with a jewellery that may be more expensive than yours.


30 Days Return

Congratulations! You just bought a fine jewellery from one of the best online stores available. But, after receiving it, you realize that there is something you don’t like about it. May be the look is not up to your expectations? you can return your purchase within 30 days and we won’t ask any questions.


Order Cancellation Policy

Orders placed and paid for online can be cancelled within 12 hours of making payment.



When we make our jewellery, we not only ensure that it is high quality and standard, but we also make sure that the whole process is environment friendly. We keep our planet in mind even when we package the product for delivery. We make sure that your purchase is packed in safe and eco-friendly manner.

Conflict Free

When we make our jewellery, we have the environment and people in our mind. This is why we only use diamonds that come from reliable sources. We ensure that those diamonds in no way are related to any conflict, from child labour to war.