Your ultimate guide to a celeb style jewellery

Your ultimate guide to a celeb style jewellery

When it comes to style, we all look up to the celebrities. They are an epitome of fashion and elegance. The newest trends in the market are often inspired by celeb looks. If you wish to know how celebrities get it right when it comes to choosing a perfect piece of jewellery, all you need to know about is these little things:

Since last summer, the demand of dainty diamond pieces has been on the rising side. The most iconic looks at the award functions have displayed an affection of elegant designs. A-listers and fashion stylist are constantly talking about how to keep it minimal. Because, this is the time for small pieces that make a big statement.

Celebs are in love with some of the must have pieces such as statement diamond stud earrings.They are classy and yet perfectly go with most of the outfits. You can choose your favourite design inspired by either floral or geometric elements. From newly wed Meghan Markle to CarlBlanchett, everyone adores this classic trend.


Every celeb who chooses to go minimal on style with maximum of impact, have one thing in common; jewellery for hands. Stylists believe hands are one of the most elegant parts of a woman’s body. An expression of herself goes from heart to hand. Women use hands gestures more than men. So why leave it unattended? The next jewellery type on our list is a bangle bracelet. Bangle bracelets can be worn as a single piece, but many celebs love to club them for a layered look. Studded with diamonds, these bracelets add an interesting twist to your entire look. From formal to casual, these are perfect for any occasion. When bracelets are made with the linear lines or floral designs, they simply become irresistible.

Just as Alia’s chic look from Dear Zindagi, many of us wish to go back to the memory lane where we could do things we always wanted to do. Her carefree look was adorned with minimal jewellery pieces. And pendants are one of those things that made her look like a perfect urban soul. Yes! We all loved beautiful pendants when we were teens. And this trend is going to stay here forever. Because it is often flaunted by every celeb all the time. If you don’t like chunky jewellery but still want something to dangle around your neck, what could be better than a chic diamond pendant? Just like Riri, either wear a symbolic pendant or choose an alphabet pendant  of your own name. It is going to be always stylish. You can also go for a layered look by using multiple chains and pendants.

You will see celebs always sporting one type of jewellery that he or she loves the most. It’s an engagement ring or a wedding band. Hollywood seems to be obsessed with them as they are the sweet reminders of the loved ones yet look stylish. Many celebs flaunt their rings as a pendant in a sleek gold chain. But, if you wish to keep it conventional, choose a ring that you would adore everyday. Every ring has a personality that suits the spirit of the wearer. You can go for a simple diamond studded band or a half eternity ring. To have a bold look like Hailey

Baldwin’s ring, choose a design with big center stone to make it look expensive and unique.

Wearing celeb style of jewellery might be unique, but it is inspired by the same timeless pieces of diamond jewellery. A dainty design with an interesting element can offer you more than what you think. Keep some space in your jewellery box for these tiny pieces and you can sashay it like a celeb. Explore our elegant range of diamond jewellery at