Why red diamonds are so precious?

Why red diamonds are so precious?

Red is the colour of passion and endless love. This warm colour is irresistibly beautiful and found in nature’s many wonders. Even, the diamonds in this colour are considered to be the most expensive, as they are rare. Most of the diamonds are usually colourless, but red coloured diamonds are one of the fanciest 12 coloured diamonds. When a diamond undergoes a formation process, there are many factors that work underneath. The usual size of the red diamond is less than 1 carat.

During diamond formation, plastic deformation is caused that creates a great red coloured diamond. If you are not a big fan of red colour, you can modify it into a secondary colour. A colourless diamond can be turned into a red diamond by high energy particles and annealing at high pressure and temperature. Red diamond is often graded with respect to 4cs and colour plays the most important role in it. It also determines the price of the diamond. Pure red coloured diamond fetches maximum price/profit. The price of such diamond is higher due to its intensity.

Red diamonds also have a singular colour intensity. Red diamonds are graded as fancy red, brownish red, purplish red &orangey red. Due to the intensity of colour. It’s extremely difficult to spot fake red diamonds. Most red diamonds are in the range of VS1 to SI2. Africa, Australia and Brazil are the places where you will find red diamond mines. Moussaieff Red is the largest red diamond found on earth. In 1990, this stone was discovered in Brazil. It weighs around 13.90 carats with the cost of 8million dollars per carat. Even De Young red diamond and Kazajian red diamond are the most expensive red diamonds in the world.

Every diamond possesses some impurities like nitrogen and boron, but red diamond is absolutely stunning. It’s the purest form of carbon with no impurities. The cost of a red diamond is also a debatable issue.

Famous Hancock red was sold for 9.2 million dollars per year. But, he originally bought it for 13,500 dollars. Red diamonds are rare and spectacular. These beauties are beautiful beyond imagination, so as our latest diamond jewellery collection. If you wish to explore elegant coloured stone jewellery, log on to www.pristinefire.com