Unsung heroes of Indian freedom movement

Unsung heroes of Indian freedom movement

India is the land of diversity where multi-religious societies are an integral part of a tightly knit social fabric. From pre-independence, this rich and fertile land of India has seen many emperors who came to conquer and even ruled for many years. They came up with an excuse of trade, but slowly attacked India’s freedom.

Freedom fighters dedicated their entire life to create free land. Like every revolution, India’s freedom fight shed blood, lost lives, but ultimately got freedom from slavery. This independence lets salute some of the unsung heroes of India.

  1. Tanguturi Prakasam:

Being a politician and the first Chief Minister of Madras Presidency, Tanguturi played a crucial part in the freedom fight. He was deeply moved by the revolution in 1921, that’s when he left his law practice and joined hands with the freedom fighters. He is also known as Andhra Kesari for his heroic act. He protested against Simmon Commission of Madras and was ready to take a bullet when the time came. Tanguturi inspired people to join the freedom movement.

  1. Surya Sen:

A great leader and movement strategist Sen will be always be remembered for his fierce leadership at Chittagong Armory. He always believed that the mighty British empire can be taken down if Indians unite. He wanted to destroy the communication modes of Britishers, thus destroyed the telephone lines, rail tracks, and telegraphs. After a successful attack on the Britishers’ communication system, he was captured and hanged. But, this revolutionary man did a significant damage to the British Empire.

  1. Garimella Satyanarayana:

Freedom flight has seen many active participants who protested by being a part of rallies and attacks. But, there was a great effort to inspire people for this movement. This job was done by Garimella. He used his writing skills and songs to evoke the emotion of patriotism in people

  1. Khudiram Bose:

Who says an age matters in the fight? This young hero was one of the youngest revolutionary members of the Indian freedom movement. He was just 18 when he was hanged for protesting.

  1. Durga Bai Deshmukh:

A woman with great courage can move mountains, just like Durga Bai, who was not just another protester in the freedom fight. She lead many Satyagraha movements and was in charge of Swadeshi Khadi exhibition in 1923.

  1. Abadi Bano Begum:

Abadi was the first Muslim woman freedom fighter. Being in colored, she addressed the crowd and was actively involved in the freedom movement to inspire and guide protestors.

Our freedom is a result of many fights and sacrifices by noble people who placed nation as their first priority. Their unheard but important stories are inspirational to coming generations. Their spirit was guided by only one cause, i. e. freedom of their people. Without these heroes, independence was difficult to achieve. Let's salute these brave fighters for their remarkable contribution to the freedom movement.

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