The most trendiest wedding bands of this season

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The most trendiest wedding bands of this season

If you have given enough thought to your engagement ring, your wedding band should not be ignored. Couples commit to each other with heavenly bonds and wedding bands represent their eternal love. A wedding is a beautiful ceremony that takes commitment and engagement to a higher level. Therefore, it deserves the kind of jewellery that matters the most. Wedding bands are something you pledge to wear forever and that’s why you need to give enough thought to the perfect design. If you are sure to get something sparkly and unique, know these hottest wedding bands trends of this year.


  1. Mix and match tones:

Many times women choose wedding bands that go perfectly with their existing engagement rings. But, it’s time for you to break this unwritten law. Mix and match of bands with dual colour tones are in vogue. Go for dual tones of gold and diamonds to enhance the design. Just like these yellow and white gold bands, you can explore more colours in the same design. Not everything is mandatory to match, instead, choose something that complements your engagement ring.


  1. Vintage bands:

Remember your grandma’s ring that always excited you as a child. Like a lovely fairy tale, if you ever wished to wear your heirloom-inspired jewellery, this trend is just made for you. A vintage wedding band with great detailing makes it irresistible and adds a little old time charm to your big day. Top it up with diamonds and your vintage band is all set to go. Rose gold and yellow gold are the best-suited colours used in these designs.


  1. Open bands:

A band inspired by the concept of non-conformity is heavenly made for the bride who takes pride in being different. Simple yet elegant design of this range can entice a mind that aligns with its non-flashy nature. Though the trend of open bracelets is not relatively new, these unconventional beauties are sure to grab eyeballs. These diamond studded bands possess an ethereal flow of lines to make them more attractive than a usual band.


  1. Minimalist bands:

Some people like their wedding bands to be less flashy and more meaningful, just like our minimal band range. They are exclusively made keeping in mind the folks who love to underplay. A thin gold band with a three stone diamonds or an eternity ring with great meaning, these all come under minimalist range. You can get these in your favourite colour. White gold and rose gold are preferred by today’s fashion-conscious brides. Yet, yellow bands are cool in their own right.


  1. Layered bands:

This trend might confuse you with stackable rings, but that’s not true. Layered rings often come with symmetric designs and the illusion of many in one ring. Most common designs are inspired simple linear lines, but if you want something different then go for flowing lines or shapes that break the clutter. Due to their bold designs and dramatic play of negative space these bands appear bigger than a usual band.


  1. Classic bands:

Have you ever wondered why classics are always trendy? Because they stand for eternity and design is loved by people from all paths of life. You can choose from a wide range of single stone bands with the combination of yellow and white gold. Classics are charming and they make a great statement. So, you will never go wrong with this trend.


Every wedding band is a circle and therefore sign of an infinity and that’s how the love should be. The exchange of wedding bands is a celebration of the perfect union of bonds made in heaven. So, make this day unforgettable with an amazing wedding band. You can explore trendy engagement rings and wedding bands at