The great celebration of Onam

The great celebration of Onam

Onam is a Hindu harvest festival in the Southern region of India, celebrated every year by Malayalis. The festivity of Onam is all about boat races, tiger dances, colourful decorations and delicious food. Its a celebration of the beginning, thus considered as a Malayali new year. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu destroyed asur Kashyap on this day to save innocent Prahlada. Hence, this day marks the new beginning and celebrated as a new year since then.

It is celebrated in August because, its a perfect time for rice harvesting. Farmers work hard to enjoy the fruit of their hard work and dedication. The story of Onam is also linked to the Lord Parashurama.

From churches to temples, Onam is celebrated in all parts of Kerala. It goes beyond the boundaries of religion. Onam is an occasion celebrated by Hindus and Catholics together. It helps to bring harmony in society and plant a seed of respect in among communities of various religion. Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam that happens to be the first month of Malayali calendar.  This beautiful festival is spread over ten days, with a special importance to the first and the last day. Attachhamayam has marked the begging of this festival. It is also popular as a parade with contemporary elements. This parade is often linked to the Malayali culture.

Floral rangoli are made at every doorstep. The colour mask dances in Thrissur are popular as people dance together. Also, Pulikali and Kathakali are performed during Onam. Boat races are very popular among people and many come to watch them live. Kerala is known for its delicious food that is served with a great combination of various local cuisines. Onam is celebrated for ten days and if you are in Kerala, you will witness the colours of the great Dravidian culture.

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