How Parsis celebrate their new year

How Parsis celebrate their new year

As per Zoroastrian calendar, Parsi New Year is celebrated by Parsis across the world. Parsi community shares an interestingly common lifestyle with Persians as they immigrated to India from Persia. They follow the region of Zoroaster which was founded in the seventh century. Their unique lifestyle and religious beliefs make their new year celebration a special occasion

They are located in most parts of Mumbai and western regions of India. Their language has a great influence on Gujarati. Most of them use English, Gujarati and Patois for the communication. This close-knit community comes under a minority as their population less than a lakh.

Pateti or Parsi New Year is a special day in the Zoroastrian calendar as it was started by the legendary king of Persia Jamshed. This day has a great significance as its celebrated on the spring equinox. Like every other culture, Parsi new year is also an indication of the beginning of something new. And what could be the best time of celebration than the monsoon month of August.

On this day, Parsis decorate their homes with fresh flowers and unique chalk designs. As a part of the ritual, they wear new clothes on this day and visit the fire temple to remember old gods. A mass prayer on this day is a good way to start a new day.

Roses are a crucial part of the Parsi culture. You will often notice the rose water getting sprinkled at the fire temple. Parsis believe that the fire is a pure energy as it cleanses every evil thing. It also stands for the modification or change in life. The ritual of burning fire is the key element of this religion

The legendary Parsi heroes like Jamshed and Rustom are often associated with the force of fire.

Parsi food is another great part of their culture. And it is savoured by many foodies as it tastes great. On new year’s eve, signature dishes like moong daal, dhansak, farcha, Patra ni machhi are made as a part of the tradition. This great day of celebration is full of family reunions and delicious group meals 

There is a strong belief that this new day will bring prosperity peace and love. It’s a day of remittance of all the past sins. Parsi lifestyle is an indication of their belief. Their clothing has a great use of vivid colours. Men and women both wear a full-length shalwar. Women prefer floral long silk robes and jackets. Some women also wear saree on this day. Use of gold jewellery is a popular ornamentation choice of the most Parsis. This community is known for their stylish lifestyle.

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