Hollywood’s popular duos who are real life best friends

Hollywood’s popular duos who are real life best friends

Friendship is a relationship between two people that goes beyond the worldly boundaries of class. It can be a sweet bond between two young schoolmates or even a bittersweet relationship of husband & wife. Friendship is an integral part of any honest relationship. The day of friendship has been celebrated across the world on the first Sunday of August. It’s a time to cherish your journey of togetherness.

Friendships can be inspiring. Many historic real and fictional characters are known and loved for their bond with their best buddies. Many best friends from Hollywood inspire us to never break this precious promise. Here are some popular Hollywood friendship duos that are amazingly inspiring.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

These famous handsome men are often spotted together. Their friendship bloomed since the early Boston days. They also acted together in an Oscar winning movie. For a long time, the friendship of this duo was not public in, but now everyone adores how these buds made it so far.

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox

Jennifer and Courtney have knwon each other since 90’s as they started acting in a famous series known as Friends. It was the friendship that was waiting to happen. This duo is very popular for their real life friendship too. They have been through a lot of tough times together. After breaking up with Braff Pitt, Aniston was going through a hard patch. But, her buddy Cox was always there with her. Infact, Aniston is the godmother of Cox’s daughter.

Seth Rogen & James Franco

Do you remember two hilarious friends from Pineapple Express?  

Yes! Seth and Franco are real life buds too. They also shared a screen for movies like This is the end and The interview. Seth is known for his unique sense of humour when it comes to writing, whereas Franco is a real charming man who would keep his company laughing. These two were bound to be best friends.

Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore

This duo know each other before they started their acting career. They met at a coffee shop when they were looking for work opportunities in Hollywood. They also worked together in Charlie’s Angels. These ladies have come a long way and we all love to see them together. Diaz and Drew also worked together for social cause.

Serena Williams & Taylor Swift

These some of the most influential ladies are often seen together, spending some girl time. Whenever Serena gets time, the first thing she does is nothing but being around with Swift. This duo had been spotted even in musical shows and concerts, where Serena joins Swift on the stage. These girls make some badass best buds duo that we all are envious about. Lets hope it will last forever.

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