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Jewelry Colors to Complement the Coming Winter Season

For fashion lovers, we have good news for you and great news as well. The good news is that jewelry designs have incorporated warm colors in them. The great news is that the shades are abundant in red, orange, brown hues and many more. There is an explosion of color for the cold weather wardrobe so that your spirits are instantly lifted up in the gloomy and bleak season.

    Thus, here is a list of colors that you can don this winter and rock the streets.

    • Sangria: this is a raspberry hue which will enthrall you with its chatoyant glow and looks beautiful on everybody.
    • Aluminium:  this is a cool toned color, not too bright but radiates sophistication. Although it might be complex but the simplicity and modernity in designs will attract a lot of people.
    • Aurora Red: are you wild, passionate and adventurous? Then, this is definitely the color that you must have in your winter wardrobe. Only the finest of Rubies are this glowing scarlet red in color.
    • Misted Yellow: this is the most surprising color trend this winter. Let yellow enter your wardrobe as a bright sunshine in the dark, dreary cold. It will also remind you that if winter is near, spring can’t be far behind. The canary diamond jewelry, gemstones such as amber, yellow topaz and chrysoberyl are the perfect jewelry colors to complement the winter season.
    • Mystic Mauve: this is a very elegant color and can be worn at any time of the year. There is a variety of gemstones in this hue such as amethyst, heliotrope, rhodocyte garnet etc. and can be very fancily used in jewelries.
    • Opalescent Orchid: this not only complements the skin tone but also creates an aura on the skin.
    • Cognac Brown: for the out and out fashion conscious customers, this is a very rich and elegant hue. This is never going to be out of style.
    • Cypress Green: this shade of green is a tad bit powerful and majestic than emerald green. This absolutely looks stunning on every skin tone.
    • Royal Blue: got winter blues? Don’t worry. The royal blue will help you get rid of the winter blues. This is a hot pick for this year’s winter. Blue is a bright and regal color and its too many shades will let you match the best ones according to your style. You can look for jewelry designs with sapphires, blue topaz, aquamarine, blue moonstone etc. Blue will never let you down.
    • Cool Cobalt: whenever you feel down and depressed, cobalt is surely going to cheer you up. Jewelry designs with cobalt are fun and make you feel good in no time.


    The temperatures have begun to cool down, but the world of jewelry has heated up. We have provided you with this year’s jewelry hot pick. So what are you waiting for? Just update your wardrobe with new pieces of jewelry in the ‘It’ colors for the coming winter.

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