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Hottest Jewelery Trends of 2015

You might look at yourself in the mirror and admire your dress sense. But, trust me, if you don’t accessorize your dress it would mean nothing and you would end up looking bleak. And who knows this better than us women? But do you really know about the latest jewelry trending in this year? No? Worry not. We have brought up a list of the jewelries which are fresh and hot and are ruling the runway.

  • Body jewelry: This type of jewelry goes well with any type of dress to choose to wear, be it ethnic or fusion. This type consists of arm cuffs, waist belts, layers of thin rings etc.
    And if you are the adventurous sort and like to experiment with your looks then you can also try the massive facial piercings. You can try the basic nose rings or the big punk rock nose accessories. It doesn’t have to be nose accessories, you can get a piercing anywhere you want and flaunt it with accessories.
  • Jhumkis: Since the advent of ear cuffs, jhumkis have been forgotten. But these have been brought back by many designers and now are in their full grandeur, rocking the runway.
  • Animals: Don’t cringe. These are actually cool. Jewelries with animal motifs. Name one and you will find it on your piece.
  • Floral: Who doesn’t like floral printed dresses. Then why not floral accessories? This seems to be the flavor this year.
  • Geometric patterns: Bold, geometric patterns are in vogue this year. Especially the choke hold. It embraces your neck tightly giving a chic and elegant look.
  • Colorful gemstones:
    Nothing can beat the classic beauty of pearls and diamonds, but colorful gemstones are also big these days. They impart a color to your pieces thus, breaking the monotony.
  • Pearls: My mum always says, “Whenever in doubt regarding which accessory to don, always wear pearls.” Mums are always right, aren’t they?
  • White gold: Although yellow gold is traditional, but white gold has been the trend this year. Jewelries with diamonds set in white gold just steal the show.
  • The asymmetrical beauty: This basically refers to the single earring trend. This might be off in color or have asymmetrical shapes and sizes but therein lies the beauty of it. Balancing with the unbalanced look.
  • Top brass: We all must have seen tribal women wear heavy brass jewelries. We might not have paid attention to them then, but bold brass jewelries in different shapes are getting a lot of attention.
  • Prismatic pendants: These are never out of the jewelry trends. Pendants are always the ‘It’ jewelry.
  • Athletic feats: These jewelries reflect a woman’s inner strength and are made of nail-hard materials.
  • Hip-hop hippie: The retro loops, earthy chunks are all in this year.
‘Nuf said about jewelry trends. Now you have a good idea about every jewelry style rocking the fashion industry. Now go out and make your own fashion statement and count the numerous looks and appraisals you get.