Taking a selfie with your Engagment Ring

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Taking a selfie with your Engagment Ring

How to do it gracefully


Congrats! No doubt your engagement is one of the most exciting days of your life. So, now is the time for flaunting your beautiful ring. And the best way to do it is an Engagement Ring Selfie. You might be a selfie hater or not much into it. But come on! An engagement ring selfie is a sacred ritual (so do we consider) and you ought to do it. Do you know how to get it perfect? No? Don’t worry. We bring here a few tips to get you the most graceful ring selfie and the best part about it is that you don’t need to be a selfie pro to do it. Tadaaa!!

Get your nails done.

A ring selfie with chipped or crud under your nails is a strict NO NO! Get a polish manicure and a coat of your favorite color on your nails to complement the ring. Also, before getting a snap, put your hand above your head for some 30 seconds. This drains the blood from your hands and makes it look less veiny.

Catch the (natural) light.

Using natural light is the best if you want to get the most sparkle in your new bauble. Perch on a bench outside with the sunshine on you or if you can’t head out, click your selfie near a well-lit window. Keep in mind not to use a flash if you don’t want to flatten your features or get a supernova on your finger. Also experiment with different angles until you get your winning shot. Say a no to fluorescent lights too.
TIP: if you want to flaunt the shape of your rock, get an overhead shot. Untitled

Background check.

Never forget to make a background check. Make it clutter free so that the focus stays on the beauty of your ring. Solid colored walls, patterned pillows, memorable places etc. serve as perfect backdrops. But, you should also keep in mind the depth of the field. Maintain some space between your hand and the background. It keeps the backdrop blurred and the focus on where it should be.


Strike a striking (more of natural) pose.

You don’t always need to strike the clichéd straight fingers pose. You can also pose casually like holding a coffee mug or clutching your purse or reading a newspaper and enjoy the reactions of your friends when they get the hint. Another ingenious pose is to include your man in the photo because there are two people in the equation and clutch his arm. Perfectly romantic, isn’t it? We think so too.



When you are not satisfied with your photo, you can edit it to get it perfect. Apps such as Photoshop Express, VSCO Cam and Afterlight may come in handy.

Dear bride-to-be, you can follow these guidelines to get the most perfect and most gorgeous engagement ring selfie. You can thank us later.