Why you need to cherish your family jewels

Why you need to cherish your family jewels

Family jewels connect people from all generations. They create a bond of love that holds loved ones together. Family jewels have been significantly important in Indian society. Every time you look at those shiny, antique jewels, they give you a sense of warmth and belonging. Most women have at least one family jewel given to them by mother or a grandmother. They remind you of where they came from and people who cherished them for a lifetime.

Grandma offers jewellery to her granddaughter to help her look beautiful and enhance her charm when she grows up. Family jewels are symbolic of family history. In most cultures, family jewels are given to women. Sometimes, even grandfather gift his rings or watches to his grandson as it means that he is now a man of the house, who can fulfil all responsibilities. This type of jewellery has a special place in the wearer’s heart, because it represents the memories and ties of love. These are the valuable assets for any family due to their emotional connect.


Jewellery is often known as a status symbol. And no one can flaunt it right than a newlywed daughter in law or a young daughter in the family. Women are the backbone of the family, they hold everyone together. That’s why every newlywed bride receives love in the form ancestral jewellery from her in-laws. It marks the beginning of new life and acceptance of the bride as a family member, who will carry their family legacy. This practice has become a core part of every culture and its tradition.


In Indian society, there is a popular tradition to pass on family jewels such as bangles, necklaces to the next generation. Most of the family jewels are precious in nature and high on craftsmanship. An elegant necklace from your grandma’s closet can never go out of fashion. An extremely charming and elaborate design uplifts the preciousness of family jewels.

Although, these antiques don’t appeal to everyone, family jewels are often popularly sold at high price during auctions. Every jewel has a story to tell. The great heritage of beautiful family jewels is beyond its monetary value. If you like to experiment with old antique jewellery, you can take help of professionals to repair and remodel those pieces to suit your taste. If they lose their sheen and stones start falling, take them to a skilled craftsman who can fix them for you.


Family jewels are the material symbols of the bygone era. Cherish their eternal beauty with love and respect. Pass on the your rich ancestral legacy to your children, shop for the most beautiful diamond jewellery www.pristinefire.com