Why we need a week-long Valentine celebration?

Why we need a week-long Valentine celebration?

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It’s a priceless promise of a lifetime.

Valentine’s Day is a tribute to this eternal love and St.Valentine. 14th February marks a celebration of an unshakable of love. It is an opportunity to convey your feeling to your loved ones.

Be it your spouse or your sister, love is beyond its romantic nature. A week prior to Valentine’s Day has certain significance as every day is special for some reason.

Here are few things about Valentine’s Week:


Rose Day (7th Feb.)

Flowers have power win hearts. This is celebrated by giving roses to your loved ones and friends. Each colour of rose stands for something meaningful, such as red for romantic love, yellow for friendship and so on.

If you are nervous to express yourself, a rose can do it for you. Roses are beautiful, so gift them to spread happiness and love.


Propose Day (8th Feb.)

This day is the most crucial one for any lover. Expressing your feeling is the most difficult things to do. Yet lovers wait for this day of the year. This second day of the week is perfect to surprise your loved ones with proposal.


Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

No matter how old or young, everyone loves chocolates. These sweet delicacies in cute little heart shapes are one of the highest selling things on 9th Feb. Delight your partner by gifting a pack of yummy chocolate. It will surely make them happy.


Teddy Day (10th Feb.)

Every girl is fond of adorable soft toys. Nothing is more cute than a teddy bear. 10th February is a day of her favourite teddy. Gift her a cute teddy bear on this day to cherish her childhood memories. This small gift will deepen your bond.


Promise Day (11th Feb.)

Commitment is the beautiful side of love. It makes your relationship stronger and healthier. The promise is the core of any long-lasting relationship, as it is a silent reminder of your responsibility towards each other. If you are madly in love with someone, this is the most suitable day to promise her the love she deserves.


Hug Day (12th Feb.)

Hugs are magical as they have the healing power. This small gesture of love can uplift your partner’s mood. On this day, a sweet act of cuddling will surely make her feel special and protected.


Kiss Day (13th Feb.)

It is one of the most special days of the entire love week. Plant a kiss on her forehead to express your love. It symbolises respect and endless love.


Valentine’s Day (14th Feb.)

This is the most important day for every lover. Valentine’s Day is a tribute to the Saint Valentine for his heroic act. On this day, express your love for your partner to make it stronger than before.

When love is in the air, the celebration is a must. Plan a romantic date with your partner and make this day unforgettable. You can also gift her a piece of beautiful jewellery or outfit.

Love is a blessing. Cherish it each day and make your Valentine Week memorable and fun.

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