Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day ?

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day ?

Valentine’s Day is a very special occasion for young couples. Many countries celebrate this day in a big way. People express their love with fancy gifts, chocolates, and cards. The concept of expressing love is not a new age phenomenon. Its an old affair with an interesting backdrop of many things.


Here are some popular things you should know about Valentine’s Day:


The historic beliefs revolve around Saint Valentine and his death for being sympathetic. In the 3rd century AD, Roman Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage. He believed married men prove to be bad soldiers. Valentine found this unfair, so he broke the rules and secretly arranged marriages of young couples.

When Emperor Claudius found out, Valentine was sentenced to death.There, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter. On the day of his death sentence on 14 February, he sent her a love letter signed "from your Valentine. After many years, the church decided to remember Valentine. His execution day is celebrated to be Valentines Day. Valentine was a legend. His stories made him as a sympathetic and most importantly a romantic figure.


Valentine Day is also possible to be originated from ancient Roman festival Lupercalia in early 19th century. This festival is typically celebrated in mid February. Its an official start of the spring. During this festival, boys believed to draw names of girls from the box.

 Many couples used to end up getting married due to this romantic festival. After many years, the church decided to pay tribute to Saint Valentine by remembering him during this festival.

Since the 19th century this tradition of expressing love is popular among people due to Saint Valentine and Roman festivals. In middle age, people used to wear the name of their Valentine on their sleeves for an entire week.

Today’s Valentine’s Day celebration revolves around date nights and gifting. Cards, roses, perfumes are some of the things that top the gifting list on this day. People from various countries have this in common. The brand Hallmark sells highest number of cards on this day.

The demand of red roses and heart-shaped chocolates is maximum on this day of the year. Many people buy gifts for their beloved pets on this day. In Japan, women are expected to gift something to men on 14th Feb and men have to return the favour on March 14th. From the earlier times till now, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide to cherish the eternal Romaric love.

History of Valentines Day is surely fascinating and too good to be true. Saint Valentines heroic action is an ultimate symbolism of romantic love. Love is still the most powerful emotion.