Why we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Why we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Women are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. In every society, women play an important role for the betterment. From the Eve to Mother Teresa, we have witnessed the power of being a woman. To celebrate womanhood, many countries celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th of every year.

Here is a brief history behind International Women’s Day:

During 1908, more than 15,000 women workers marched New York City for voting rights, better payment and working hours. The protest was the first step towards the beginning of women empowerment. Two years later, Clara Zetkin – a leader of the ‘women’s office’ for the Social Democratic Party in Germany – proposed the idea of an International Women’s Day. The idea was to make women realize their hidden potential and demand respectful wages and better treatment. This was the time when women held rallies to express their need for the respect. It was the time of the revolution. 

During the time of war, women in countries like Russia, USA, and Germany started protesting against violence. They demanded peace for social harmony. Russian protest was popularly known as a strike for ‘Bread and Peace’. The activity surely was impactful as four days later Russian government granted women right to vote. This was one of the biggest milestones in the history of Russia.

Post 1911, many women started taking a stand against gender inequality and unfair treatment towards women. After Copenhagen initiative, more than 1 million people protested for women’s rights across Denmark, Austria, Russia. In 1945, UN signed the first international agreement to affirm the principle of equality between men and women. The UN declared 8th March as the International Women’s Day in 1975. Former US president Obama proclaimed March to be ‘Women’s History Month’.

The journey of women in action made history, but survey figures prove the war against discrimination is not yet over. In many countries, women still face discrimination in education, health, jobs. The violence against women has gone too far. Some of the developing country like India still struggles with orthodox male dominant thinking. Many cases are being registered for honour killing, domestic violence and dowry.

The celebration of Women’s  Day is a reminder of the struggle. It is a tribute to a journey of every woman who tries to create her place in the world. 8th March is an indication of women’s unparalleled power and demand for equality.  Let’s celebrate this Women’s Day with the sparkling gold and diamonds. Gift your loved one beautifully crafted jewellery to make this day unforgettable. Explore our trendy products here