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Why are diamonds expensive?

What comes to your mind the moment you think about diamonds? - Richness, money and status, right? You might have surely thought why diamonds are so expensive, why are diamonds so valuable? Let us see what makes this colorless sparkling stones so important.
First of all, not all diamonds are expensive. Most of the naturally occurring diamonds are imperfect, they have defects and can’t be found in the jewelry showrooms. These diamonds are used for other industrial purpose and their price is relatively quite low.

Now coming to the expensive ones- we need to understand this that most of the diamonds that are found in mines are not fit to be on that ring which you liked. So the diamonds which can be used in jewelry are very few and bit rare- this is one of the reasons behind such high prices of diamonds.

Even if you find diamonds of proper shape that are fit to be used in jewelry, colorless ones are really hard to find. You might have noticed some many diamonds with a yellowish tint. So more colorless the diamond, more it sparkles and more it is priced. The price also depends on the clarity of the diamond- some might be colorless but they might have some inclusions like a thin black line or other noticeable flaws- so the prices are higher when it has less or no flaws at all. Totally colorless diamonds with no inclusions at all are very rare and hard to find.

You might have seen that the bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it is per carat. This is because bigger diamond stones are hard to find. And bigger stones with high clarity are even more difficult to find. Also, cutting a high quality diamond is not easy to cut. While cutting the diamonds, achieving optimal balance between clarity, cut, and carat weight is tough, and this is why proportional stones that are big and clean are so rare and expensive.


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