Why and how exchanging wedding rings became a tradition?

Why and how exchanging wedding rings became a tradition?

Every girl dreams of a prince charming who would propose her one day with a precious ring. This romantic notion is not a new affair. Couples have been exchanging wedding rings for thousands of years. Here are some interesting facts about wedding rings:

  1. Egyptian origin:

    The custom of exchanging wedding rings first believed to be started in Ancient Egypt for about 3000 years ago. The ring used to be made of non-precious things like hemp or reeds.
    The wedding ring was symbolic of eternal love. Egyptians also used bones, ivory, and leather.
    A braided ring with eternity band was one of the popular forms of the wedding ring.


  1. Vein of love:

    Ancient Egyptian man used to place wedding ring woman’s fourth finger of left hand. It was a popular belief that the vein in fourth fingers goes straight to the wearer’s heart. This vein was given a name as ‘Vena Amoris’ means Vein of Love.


  1. Introduction of Gold wedding ring:

    The tradition of wearing gold wedding rings started in the 2nd Women used to flaunt their love bands while attending public functions. An iron ring was to be used at home, known as Anulus Prorubus. Use of metals like iron was an indication of strength. In European countries, weddings rings are to be worn on a right hand.


  1. Engraved rings:

    Romans first said to be started using engraving on the wedding rings. The engraving technique was a tedious task as many complex forms such as flowers, ancient messages were written on the rings.


  1. Symbolism:

    The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love and devotion. After World War II, weddings rings for men became a popular trend.  It stands for the union of two people who take vows to be together for the rest of their lives.


Over the period of the 3000 years, weddings rings maintained their special place in every lover’s heart. From the hemp ring to diamond-studded ring, the journey of wedding rings has been truly spectacular. If you are looking for a perfect wedding or an engagement ring to propose your loved one, explore our exclusive collection. https://www.pristinefire.com/collections/rings/style_engagement