What makes every gemstone so special?

What makes every gemstone so special?

The word ‘gem’ brings the sense of opulence when it comes to ornamentation. People from every culture have been using these precious coloured stones in the art of jewellery making. These mineral crystals have also been widely used in luxury art by famous artists like Carl Faberge. The significance of gemstones stands taller than just its beauty, as they are known for their healing properties.
Here’s how gemstones are categorized based on their characteristics:

Most of the gemstones are characterized as per five basic attributes:

  1. Colour and Tones:

    Colour is the most important part of valuing any gemstone. Every gemstone possesses a unique colour that makes it optically attractive with the amount of light reflected, refracted or dispersed.  The desirable quality of a gemstone is determined by its tones, hues and saturation. Some gemstones are very deep or very light in colour. The more unified shade of the stone, higher the value of the stone. Some gemstones have the characteristic of two or more colours which makes of a lower quality. Also, quality of the stone is determined by its saturation.
    A stone with more intensity of colour is referred as high quality gemstone. Low quality stones are usually muddy or cloudy in appearance. The gemstones like ruby, amethysts, and sapphire have attractive colour, whereas diamond is usually transparent.

  1. Clarity and Cut:

    Every gemstone is nothing but a naturally found mineral crystal. These crystals are cut and polished in the desired shape. This characteristic defines the value of the stone, such as diamond with specific cut costs much higher than the uncut ones. The desirable cut is all about clarity and symmetry. Every professional who decides the cuts for the stone take cartage weight and less scratches into a consideration to gain maximum value.

  1. Natural and Synthetic:

    The natural form of gemstones is either made up of organic substance or minerals. These are found naturally with their unique chemical structure and attractive colour. The Alexandrite was the first gemstone naturally found in Russia. It is natural hence highly expensive and rare. While natural stones are rare, the synthetic stones are grown in labs.
    These stones are considered semi-precious or non-precious due to their availability and origin.

  1. Healing Properties:

    Most of the gemstones that are found naturally have certain healing properties. People are advised to choose their gemstone based on their zodiac sign for the better results. Ruby is known for its bright colour and red cosmic rays. It is known to heal digestion and bones related problems. Similarly, emerald is known for its healing related to IQ problems.


  1. Shape and Size:

    In modern times, we have witnessed great usage of coloured stones in jewellery. From everyday wear jewellery to traditional rich bridal jewellery, the gemstones are commonly used. As per the jewellery type, consumers choose the size and shape of the gemstones.

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