What makes a diamond worth investing?

What makes a diamond worth investing?

Have you wondered what makes diamonds timeless and eternal?  In Indian culture, yellow gold has always been considered as a good investment option. But, we are witnessing the massive use of diamonds in our day to day jewellery than last few decades. The generation of millennial aspires for diamonds, but is it still a good investment option? And which factors affect a diamond purchase?

Like any other commodity, the value of a diamond rises when demand is greater than the supply.  It is also susceptible to inflation rates. The diamond valuation is affected by numerous factors such as size, rarity, type, etc. The 4Cs of diamond grading play crucial role to determine if it’s a good investment. The diamond purchased decades ago may turn out to be a good investment, as it might be rare. The natural quality diamonds with no flaws surely hold great value at any given point.

Also, the coloured diamonds are rare, especially red diamond as they are found in limited numbers. Unlike gold, prices of diamonds are not volatile. The cut of diamond and clarity are major players when it comes to a diamond pricing. It also takes less space for the storage due to its size. You can easily store your diamonds in a safe.


The naturally found diamonds are formed with high temperature and environmental pressure.
These are one of the highly durable and toughest stones. If you are worried about the wear and tear of your precious heirloom, diamonds will never disappoint you. With a very little or almost no care, your diamonds can be in a good shape for the next hundred years. That makes it the best offering to your next generations as a part of your heirloom.

There are also some cons if you are planning to buy a diamond for an investment. The annual return rate on diamond purchase is as low as 1.5%. Also, factors like lack of price transparency and the trade-related difficulties make the customers rethink their investment options.

In a nutshell, the diamond purchase makes a good investment option if you do your research about few basic things. The best quality diamonds will never disappoint you when purchased from the genuine seller. The passage of time makes the diamond desirable. So, make your diamond purchase profitable by exploring our great quality certified diamond jewellery collection here www.pristinefire.com