What made Mayan civilization so special?

What made Mayan civilization so special?

Mayan civilization got everyone’s attention in last few decades.  In 3000 BC, they were existed in the region of modern day Central America and Mexico. The Mayans were one of the most advanced civilizations so far.  Here are few things that would answer why Mayans were so special in the course of human history.

  1. They invented the Calendar:
    This advanced civilization has recently captured the world’s attention with the invention of the calendar and forecasting events of doomsday. Their calendar was even more accurate than the Gregorian. A unique astronomic calendar was known as ‘Habb’. It played crucial importance in planning farm activities.

  1. They used chocolate as a currency:
    This fact might sound weird to you, but the Mayans treated ‘Cacao’ i.e. coca seeds with significant importance.  A drink made up of coca seeds was commonly consumed in their culture. They even used these seeds as a form of currency. In short, Mayans loved chocolates.

  1. They developed the idea of zero:
    In Mayan era, astrology and mathematics were blooming areas of knowledge as well as application. They were first to use the concept of zero in day-to-day life. The zero played important role in their numerical system.

  1. They built pyramids to reflect astronomical phenomena:
    The Mayans developed extremely complex architectural mastery.  The curiosity of stars and sky made them build many observatories, pyramids and temple- pyramids. Every structure was made without usage of any metal. El Castillo is one of the most famous Mayan cities of all.

  1. They used chewing gum to clean their mouth: One of the renowned civilizations was so advanced that they used chewing gum for an oral hygiene. The Mayans used to harvest Chicozapote sap tree, which were used to create gum.

  1. Jade was used in Mayan jewellery:
    One of the culturally rich civilizations dint lag behind even when it comes to ornamentation.
    Mayan jewellery was made of colourful stones, shells and especially jade. The precious stone, jade was used as commonly traded item and as an offering to the old gods.


The renowned civilization in the world was full of amazing things and advanced way of living.
The downfall of Mayan civilization is still a mystery.  But, the world will always remember them for their extraordinary contribution to the fields of harvesting, architecture and astrology.
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