The most stylish footballers of this FIFA season

The most stylish footballers of this FIFA season

With tremendous fame and worldwide fan following, footballers are not just loved for their magic in the field, but also for their ultimate fashion sense. Every footballer has his own unique style. From designer footwear to trendy clothing, these football stars are true celebrities.

Here’s a list of footballers who are known as extremely stylish.


  1. Paul Pogba: This French footballer represents Manchester United as a central midfielder, but he is known for more than that. His quirky fashion sense and bold choice of apparel surely makes him endorser’s best choice. Not just fan base, but also the fashion experts get stunned when he turned to a camera. Inspired by hip-hop street fashion, Paul’s style is highly admired by youth.


  1. Andrea Pirlo: Andrea is famous for being the ultimate hipster footballer with extremely

irresistible charm. His bold beard and unique hip trends are perfect for Italy. Just as football, fashion remains the core passion of this Italian player. His raw look and love for wine speak a lot about his personal spirit. He is often spotted in his favourite t-shirt that says, “ No Pirlo, No Party”.


  1. Sergio Ramos: This Spanish star is all you need to follow when it comes to the football fashion. Sergio’s style is unconventional yet appealing. His unique street style has even inspired brands like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The most fascinating thing about his style is being not very expensive. This fashion guru shares all the tips on getting the right kind of style without an exorbitant price. His all time favourite looks always have bohoo inspired shoes, red joggers and leather bag.


  1. Aron Ramsey: The Euro 2016’s most stylish man, Aron is our all time favourite. His elegant style and classy choice makes him look as great as Hollywood celebrity.This Welsh player has been true to his culture by always being a sharp dresser. His perfect Welsh beard and uniquely dyed hair goes well with his model like personality. Aron is also a part of the most iconic Elite club.


  1. Neymar Jr.: Young and bold Neymar is one of the most trendiest Brazilian. The most expensive footballer in the world has a great sense of fashion. Whatever he wears, his followers turns it into a trend. He has more than 81milliom Instagram followers who love him for his swag. His love for sneakers is known to all of us. That’s why even Nike approached Neymar to launch their most iconic sneaker collection. His style reflects his personality which is innovative and always transcending. Neymar is one of the most influential footballer.


Like every FIFA Cup, even this year the most talent and stylish players will put their heart and soul in the field. Witness their ultimate style and get inspired for the trendiest fashion looks.

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