The most popular types of pearls in the world

The most popular types of pearls in the world

The pearl is popularly known as the queen of all gems. It’s symbolic of the eternity of an ocean and the vastness of its existence. Ruled by feminine nature, pearl never fails to lure the heart of a woman. Be it a beaded chain or an elegant brooch, pearls perfectly suits every jewellery piece. But, have you ever thought why pearls are so special? The answer lies in the deepest secret of nature.

Pearls are naturally made in oyster beds. When a grain of sand is cultivated at the core, the journey of pearl’s formation begins. Pearls are symbolic of purity and opulence. Even in astrology pearls have a great significance. It is said that those who wear pearls can seek karmic balance in their lives and cherish lifelong peace. It is also believed that the moon has an effect on pearls.

The evidence of first pearl cultivation is found in the 13th century CE. In ancient times, pearls were used to attract prosperity and wealth. The sixteenth century in England was declared as the Pearl Age, as pearls were known for their rare beauty and luxury.
From emperors to modern day celebrities, pearls have been widely used by the riches in jewellery and crafts. Unlike any other gemstones, pearls are naturally found in a perfect state. They do not need any cutting or polishing to enhance their look.  Pearls are mainly classified into 4 categories.

Akoya Pearls - These are the most classic type of pearls cultivated on the coast of Japan. The cultivation of Akoya Pearls started in early 1920’s. They are high-quality pearls have a unique internal structure that makes them special.

Freshwater Pearls – This is another popular type of pearl in demand. These are derived from freshwater mussels. Japan is the first country to cultivate freshwater pearls in Lake Biwa.

Tahitian Pearls – These are also known as black pearls. Popularly cultivated in the French islands, these black pearls are expensive due to their colour. They are popular among modern fashionista and celebrities.

South Sea Pearls – Cultured in Australia, these are some of the most expensive types of pearls.
These luxurious salt-water pearls come in silver, rose and cream hues. 

Pearls have come so far with a long, lustrous journey in every culture. Their elegance and extraordinary quality have garnered world’s attention in no time. Even today’s modern women can’t resist these timeless pearls from their jewellery box. Pearls are here to stay forever. This season, shop your favourite stones crafted in irresistible designs only at