The most popular jewellery trends from South India

The most popular jewellery trends from South India

In Indian culture, jewellery is not just used for ornamentation, but also carries a great significance. It stands for wealth and status in society. Precious metals like gold and silver are widely used in South Indian culture. The beauty of jewellery is in its unique design and craftsmanship. South Indian jewellery is known for its elaborate and detailed design. Price, purity and craftsmanship form basis for consumers’ preference. More than 50% of customers buy jewellery for gifting and investment.

It is important in the South Indian tradition as jewellery is also known as ‘Sridhan’ which woman carries with her when she gets married. Every culture leaves its impact on its art of jewellery making. Here are some common jewellery types popularly used by South Indians:

  1. Kasulaperu:

    It is the most popular traditional piece of jewellery in Southern culture. Kasulaperu is a long and shiny gold necklace is made up of lightweight gold coins. This type of necklace is seen in Kerala weddings. Every South Indian bride loves its embossed design. It indicates wealth and prosperity of the wearer.


  1. Temple Jewellery:

    Inspired by opulently designed chunky gold pieces, temple jewellery is a must have South Jewellery. With the use of elaborate designs and shapes, temple jewellery lures the wearer’s mind. This type of jewellery offers a divine look due to its opulent design. Even, celebrities like Vidya Balan, Rekha, Kareena are frequently spotted in beautiful temple jewellery. The lightweight silver temple jewellery has become a nationwide trend. It is worn during weddings and festivals with a gorgeous silk saree.


  1. Managa Malai / Mango Mala:

    Based on elegant form of mango, Managa Malai is the newly trending South Indian necklace.
    The lavish and long mango mala is crafted with gold, diamonds and precious stones offer a perfectly flamboyant look. This traditional piece of jewellery runs in the family for generations.


  1. Vanki / Armlet:

    Vanki is one of the key jewellery type in the South. It is symbolic of strength and power. This jewellery type is inspired by armlet of Goddess Laxmi. Most of the women wear Vanki during festivities and auspicious days.

Jewellery has always been an integral part of Southern culture. It is considered to be a reflection of your status in society. Earlier customers used to rely on their family jewellers for any purchase, but now there is an inclination towards branded jewellery with certification. For your next jewellery purchase, explore our latest collection here