The history of jewellery

The history of jewellery

A form of ornamentation that goes beyond the boundaries of time and culture is nothing other than the jewellery. Crafted with precious and non-precious metals and stones, these are favourites of woman from every path of life. Since ancient time jewellery has been playing a significant role in woman’s life as well as economy of the country. But, there is more to the history of jewellery.

This article is about the history of jewellery and how it made it so far.

  1. Jewellery was not created by humans:

This might sound confusing, but as per the pre-historic evidences the origin of jewellery does not belong to humans (Homo Sapiens). The concept of jewellery was created by the Neanderthals in Europe. The traces were found at the South coast of Spain, where Neanderthals made the first jewellery with sea shells and stones.


  1. Revolution

Some of the early modern humans started using metals and beads to create jewellery, unlike today it used to be worn by both men and women. The famous Star Carr pendant found in 2015 is the proof of the beginning of a revolution in jewellery making. This pendant is dated back to 11000 BC. But, the actual credit of jewellery making with precious metals goes to the Egyptians. They used gold, coloured glass and semi- precious stones in the art of jewellery making.


  1. The birth of Medieval jewellery:

In the 12th century, the popularity of jewellery concept became a fast trend. It became the reflection of status and hierarchy. Royals families started doing an enormous use of gold and silver with precious stones to display their wealth. Whereas the lower segment of society used non-precious metals like copper and iron. The coloured stones were also popularly known to be having the protecting and healing powers. Even the symbolic concept of jewellery became popular during this time.


  1. 17th century jewellery

Its the time when fashion met jewellery. During this period, new trends and designs were introduced. It gave a push to the global trade as precious colored stones and metals were found only in certain areas. This time in the jewellery history is also marked by the exchange of ideas between different cultures.  Many iconic French pieces created in the 17th century are still popular among people.


  1. An era of industrial revolution

The wind of revolution in the early 19th century changed a lot about the global living standards. Establishment of new social and ruling system opened a new door of art. Even the ancient Greek jewellery was discovered by archeologist during this time. Some of the classic designs were introduced in the 19th century. Inspired by the historical jewellery style, many brands started creating beautiful pieces of jewellery.


  1. Modern jewellery

Since 1960, the modern jewellers started experimenting with colours, metals and textures of jewellery. Award winning artists set new trends such as Art Deco, Pop. Inspired by the sharp and clean lines crafted to create bold yet elegant pieces is what modern jewellery stands for. The technological advancements made it easier and effective to create and buy jewellery.


The concept of jewellery has an interesting history. It inspired writers and poets and even raged wars between emperors. This fascinating journey of jewellery concept is enthralling. If you wish to add some beautiful pieces to your collection, visit our range here.