The difference between the real diamonds and American diamonds

The difference between the real diamonds and American diamonds

The diamond is every woman’s best friend. It’s a timeless piece of magic she cherishes all her life and when the time comes, it gets passed on to the next generation.  The diamond is an inevitable part of the heirloom. But, with a new-age technology, man has developed the diamonds in the lab, which are also known as lab grown or American diamonds.  The alternative popular name of American diamond is Cubic Zirconia.

Let’s have a look at the factors that make real and American diamonds different.

The real diamonds are one of the toughest stones on the earth. If you take a close look at the diamond, you will rarely find any scratches on it. But, if the diamond is lab made, it is prone to scratches and becomes less durable. American diamonds are less durable compared to real one.
Real diamonds can survive for hundreds of years without any major wear and tear.

The CZ diamond is anytime heavier than the real diamond. The American diamond is 50% heavier due to its structure. It is a man-made imposter, but difficult to identify with naked eyes.

Every real diamond needs to be cut and polished in a certain way to enhance its beauty. Due to great durability and hardness, real diamonds are timeless and come with the sharp edges. On the other hand, American diamonds are comparatively soft and brittle. The edges of American diamonds are not as sharp as real ones. They lose their sharpness due to wear and tear.

Undoubtedly real diamonds are way  more expensive than man made. The diamonds are rare due to their limited sources on earth, which make them expensive. American diamonds are cheaper compared to the real ones.  The price of the real diamond is affected by numerous factors like carat weight, clarity, and colour.


American diamonds are imposters and because of their synthetic origin, it is possible to achieve certain level clarity. But, the real diamonds have unique internal structure and some of them might have flaws. American and real diamonds share almost similar kind of clarity. They are colourless and flawless.


When it comes to one-time jewellery use, American diamond is a good option. But, if you are looking forward to build your heirloom and pass it on as a legacy, real diamonds is your best investment. Explore our most popular real diamond jewellery range here