The difference between Platinum, Gold and Silver jewellery

The difference between Platinum, Gold and Silver jewellery

In every culture across the world, the precious metals like gold and silver have considered as a sign of prosperity.  Every emperor’s royal treasury would be full of jewellery and coins made up of these metals. Even, they were used for the making of currency. With changing taste and preferences, customers also welcomed platinum for the jewellery use.


But, what makes these precious metals unique and distinct from one another? And, why platinum is more precious than gold? The answer is their chemical properties. Platinum is the rarest and strongest metal among all three, which makes it more expensive, thus luxurious.  This tarnish-resistant metal is used for crafting wedding bands, engagement rings and more.

Platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and its weight doesn’t change over the period of time. No wonder these qualities of platinum make it a timeless investment and therefore preferred by the modern lovebirds to make eternal wedding bands. Platinum is not just alluring with its strong and shiny qualities but also offers the highest purity i.e. 95%. It is even purer than the 22k gold.
Due to its high density, platinum jewellery can also be on the heavier side, but gold is light-weight and an ideal choice for everyday wear jewellery. 

The gold is considered as next precious metal after platinum. It is an indication of prestige and luxury. Gold comes in various colours such as rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Many who wish to have a platinum look but at a less price, choose white gold. It is the alloy of nickel and yellow gold.
Unlike Platinum, gold comes in variable purity such as 24K, 22K, 18K, 16K, and so on. 22K and 18K are the most popular gold standards widely used in the jewellery industry. This metal is brittle compared to platinum. Having a lower density than platinum, gold is the most preferred choice when it comes to daily-wear jewellery.

Gold, platinum and silver are all three considered to be precious. But, silver falls at the bottom of the pyramid.  Having smaller market size, silver is more volatile than the gold. It is found in abundance thus, less expensive than its cousins platinum and gold. It also gets easily tarnished, hence needs regular cleaning. The most common standard used for silver is 0.925. It is also called as sterling silver.

Platinum and gold are usually considered to be a luxury metal, whereas silver is all about chunky tribal jewellery. Be it gold, platinum or silver, every metal has its own unique features, just as every wearer.  If you love to explore trendiest diamond jewellery crafted in gold, have a look at our latest collection at