The diamonds of the world

The diamonds of the world

The earth is full of unknown treasures. From unknown stars to the stones, many unique things have caught human attention. The diamonds are one of the most unique creations of nature.  The diamonds have been inspiring art and ornamentation in many cultures. We have witnessed the rise and fall of empires due to the diamonds like Koh-i-Noor.
Here is a list of few more world’s most famous diamonds you dint know about.

  1. Hope Diamond

    The Hope Diamond is one of the most precious jewels in the world. It is believed to be originated in India near Golkonda, popularly known as Tavernier Blue. In 1668, it was sold to King Louis XIV by a French merchant. This fancy blue diamond weighs around 45.52 carats. This diamond is well travelled from the 17thcentury and considered to be one of the biggest diamonds in British treasury. The curse of the Hope Diamond is popular folklore. It is believed that the owner of this beautiful diamond faces uncalled death and bad luck.
  2. The Regent

    The most perfectly cut diamond Regent has a reputation of being world’s most beautiful diamond. In 1698, this precious diamond was discovered in India and sent to England by the Governor of Madras. The weight of this diamond is more than Koh-i-Noor i.e. 140.50 carats.
    The original weight of this diamond was believed to be 410 carats. Even, this beautiful diamond is cursed and brings misfortune to the owner.


  1. Koh-i-Noor

    The most controversial and beautiful diamond Koh-i-Noor had caused many wars and bloodshed. Originated in India, the history of this famous diamond is dated back to the 13th Mined in Goldkonda, this diamond weighed more than 700 carats before cutting.
    This diamond was acquired by the Royal British family after the British conquest of Punjab.
    Every man who ever wore or owned this diamond has embraced death in no time, therefore
    only women from the British Royal family wear this diamond. The charm of Koh-i-noor earned itself the title of ‘Mountain of light’.


  1. Orlov Diamond

    This unique diamond was mined in India’s Kollur mine.  It had a scared status in India as this diamond was a part of the South Indian temple jewellery. It is believed that a European soldier stole this diamond from a temple and sold it for money. In 1768, this diamond was sold to Russian man Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlo This most unusually shaped diamond weighs 189 carats.


  1. The Great Star of Africa

    It is known as the largest cut diamonds on the earth. After cutting beautifully, it weighs more than 530 carats. It was cut from 3000 carat crystal that makes it the largest crystal ever found. It was discovered in the mines of South Africa. This diamond is currently mounted in the imperial state. An estimated price of this diamond is more than 400 million dollars.


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