The birthstones and their significance

The birthstones and their significance

Human life is connected to lots of things, said by many philosophers. Every person is unique in his own right. His instinctive characteristics and fundamental nature are triggered by many factors. And the birthstones are one of those factors that believe to influence human life. Things that are beyond tangibles have always lured curiosity of our mind. Every birthstone is associated with the month person was born. Here’s a list of how far-away stars and the birthstones impact our lives:


For all those January born people, deep red coloured stone garnet is perfectly suited. The term garnet has a long history. It was coined in the early 14th century, inspired by the Latin meaning of pomegranate seeds.

This beautiful stone comes with the deep purple hue and has more dispersion than diamonds. Having a biblical reference, garnet is known to support the health of heart and lungs. It is also symbolic of romantic love, desire and passion. They are largely found in the USA and some parts of Russia.


This richly purple coloured stone is one of the rarest, as it’s found deep in the earth. Its colour is associated with royalty and the upper level in society. You will not wonder to know that most of the cultures consider amethyst to be a royal stone, hence flaunted by emperors and kings. This stone is also popular due to colour zoning, means having multiple colour shades within one. In ancient Greek history, this stone is a favourite of the God of Wine and seems as his living symbol on the earth. It goes well with those who are born in February. This stone helps in cell regeneration and blood circulation.


This stone is suitable for the March-born. Inspired by the colour of the ocean, this beautiful stone is a perfect choice for the jewellery. It used to be given to sailors as a sign of good luck and safety. It’s made up of rare silicate mineral with great durability and enticing colour. Aquamarine’s minimal and subtle colours are often loved by zodiac Pieces. The healing power of this stone makes wearer calm and relax.


If you are born in April, you are lucky enough to have a diamond as your birthstone. One of the toughest stones is widely used in the jewellery industry. The diamonds came to earth via volcanic magma and became popular in no time. Every culture boast of diamonds when it comes to valuable assets and the art of jewellery making. Diamonds bring prosperity in the life of the wearer. They are also known as status symbols.


It’s been one of the popular royal stones used in royal jewellery. It is perfect for the May-born people. Emerald was first found in Egypt, under the reign of Cleopatra. It represents the God of Love in Ancient Greek culture. Due to its delightful green colour, this stone stands of fertility and love.

In Egyptian culture, emerald is symbolic of eternal youth and compassion. It cures the heart-related problems.


The lucky ones who are born in June should prefer this timeless and feminine birthstone. Pearls make a statement jewellery. From royal crown to pop star’s chunky bracelets, pearls are widely used in ornamentation. The oldest pearl jewellery is dated back to the 520 BC, owned by a Persian Princess. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom, intuition and creativity in many cultures.The Pearl Age was a popular phenomenon in England as only high-class society members used to wear them. These luxurious pale cream birthstones come in many hues of cream and grey. Pearls are believed to have some healing power and suitable for those who are short-tempered.


This rare stone is often considered as the king of all stones. It’s a great stone for July born lucky people. Being popular as one of the most precious stones, ruby has a perfect place in royal heirloom. This beautiful blood-red stone stands for passion and romance. It is originated from China during 200 BC. As per Chinese believe this stone also acts as a protector. The significance of ruby is not restricted to China, even the Hindu and Greek mythology share the stories of ruby. It is known to cure heart diseases.


This rare green gem is a must-have for August born people. Inspired by the green hues of nature, Peridot looks attractive and classy. It is found in Arizona, China and Pakistan. The reserve of Arizona has the maximum amount of Peridot supply. This beautiful stone is magical, so wear it to bring home good fortune


This marvellous stone offers the great source of wisdom to September born. Sapphire is not just found in blue colour, but also in green and pink. It is considered as a royal gem due to its fancy colour. Originated from the heavenly land of Kashmir, classic blue sapphires became world famous in the 19the century. Australia and Madagascar are the places where sapphire is found in abundance. An indicative of divine favour, this stone has a great place in Buddhism. The wearer of this stone is believed to be protected by its healing power and maintains the proper functioning of neural systems.


Individuals born in October get to have this irresistible stone as their birthstone. Having a unique chemical composition, this stone reflects various tones of colour. It is usually worn in rings and pendants. Fire opal and Boulder opal are popular choices when it comes to this pretty stone. Australia has 95% of opal production as its largely found in that region. Opal was also used in the Olympics of 1956. As per the popular belief, this stone should not be worn by everyone, It might bring bad luck.


A stone with the soothing effects on the mind and body can bring significant changes in the lives of those who are November born. The most popular topaz is found in yellow colour and used in the birthstones rings. However, pure topaz is colourless. Few tiny impurities in this stone can lead to astonishingly beautiful colour tones. Topaz is a hard stone, hence an ideal choice for jewellery making. This durable stone helps the wearer to stay protected from negative energy.


Do you remember the famous bracelet of Salman Khan? The most attractive stone in that bracelet is nothing but turquoise.

It’s a perfect stone for the December born people. It is one of the best shades of blue the turquoise jewellery is dated back to 3000 BCE. Even the ancient Egyptians could not resist this pretty stone, therefore turquoise mines are widely present in Egypt. In Persian culture, this stone is usually worn on their turban as a protector from evil. Modern designs of turquoise jewellery are often made in silver or white gold. This stone said to bring joy and happiness to the wearer’s life.

Every birthstone has been as special as the person who wears it. Different colours of these stones make them a perfect choice for the jewellery making, but their significance goes beyond the physical attributes. These stones help wearer lead a better life. If you wish to experience the greatest impact on your life, choose your birthstone wisely. Because it matters! Also, explore our range of coloured stone jewellery at