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The saying “Old is Gold” stands true when it comes to jewellery. As we all know both men and women are fond of jewellery since old civilization. Women have a special place in her heart when it comes to antique/ vintage jewellery. Vintage jewellery has that power to carry the legacy of the family. Antique Indian jewelry can be well identified by its distinctive design, luster and materials used. Now, let’s check out the types of Antique/Vintage Jewellery. Below given are 3 types of Vintage Jewellery   Cameo Jewellery: This jewellery dates back when the coronation of queen victoria took...

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The word “pom-pom” is said to have originated from the French word “pompon” during the 18th century. At this time, the imposing Hungarian cavalry known as the Hussars wore what was called a shako, or a tall structured cap, as part of their uniforms. This impressive headgear caught the eye of regiments across Europe, including the soldiers of Napoleon’s army. Different regiments put their own trademark twist on it — some ornamented the caps with metal plating, others topped them with feathered plumage or a pom-pom. The color and shape of the fluffy flourish signified regiment and rank and was...

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