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The word “pom-pom” is said to have originated from the French word “pompon” during the 18th century. At this time, the imposing Hungarian cavalry known as the Hussars wore what was called a shako, or a tall structured cap, as part of their uniforms. This impressive headgear caught the eye of regiments across Europe, including the soldiers of Napoleon’s army. Different regiments put their own trademark twist on it — some ornamented the caps with metal plating, others topped them with feathered plumage or a pom-pom. The color and shape of the fluffy flourish signified regiment and rank and was...

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It is rightly said that Jewelry is the way of keeping memories alive. Indeed it is one of the most essential things for bride. Picking out the jewellery for your wedding and pre-wedding rituals can be quite a task. Once you have picked out the right wedding attire, now it is time to put some thought into the right jewellery and accessories for it. So many options of jewellery are available for the modern bride. Don’t fret over it. Pristine Fire has got you covered with 5 different types of bridal jewellery that you can select: 1. Kundan: When it...

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Costume jewelry was popularized in the 1930s for practical reasons. Women often possessed valuable pieces that were passed down from mother to daughter as family heirlooms. It was too risky to wear these pieces due to potential damage, loss, and theft, so consumers had replicas made from cheaper materials for everyday wear. The practice of creating faux jewelry became popular because women could expand their jewelry collections for versatility and wardrobe accessorizing without spending a fortune on fine pieces. Costume jewelry became fashionable accessories for commoners who could not afford valuable metals and precious stones. The name "costume jewelry" stems from...

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