Rose Gold : An ultimate jewellery trend of 2018

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Rose Gold : An ultimate jewellery trend of 2018

Gold is known as rare, valuable and eternal. Many ancient societies used golden age as another term for prosperity. Gold has many cool cousins and rose gold is one of them.

Pure gold is a soft metal and therefore difficult to mold. Man has been experimenting with gold alloys since many centuries.  

When gold romances with copper, it creates dramatic hues of red. Rose gold symbolizes passion.


Known as ‘Russian or crown gold’:

Rose gold was earlier known as Russian gold because of its appeal among Russian youth during19th century. It was first used by Carl Faberge for his popular Faberge Eggs.

There are various colour tones possible in rose gold. It is available in 22k,18k, 14k, 10k, and 9k. The highest carat of rose gold is known as crown gold which is 22k means 91% purity.


Highest purity of 22k:

Rose gold is not a natural metal. It’s an alloy of gold, copper, and zinc. That’s why the highest purity attained is 22k. Be aware, if someone tries to sell you rose gold with a purity of 24k.

Most commonly used purity for rose gold is 18k.


Ideal for wedding bands:

Due to alloy nature, rose gold is affordable than yellow gold or platinum. It has a subtle pink colour that goes well with diamonds and stays for lifetime. Modern couples love this elegant metal for their wedding bands.


Inspired by Victorian era:

Rose gold has vintage appearance due to its unique colour. This alloy was popular in the Victorian era with an ample use of coloured stones like Ruby and Amethyst.  Post World War II, platinum sidelined and gold re-established as a precious metal. Retro style jewellery inspired by various geometric shapes and colours still in vogue.


Inspired by the Victorian era, todays millennial are in love with this newness of gold. Flaunt your rose gold in style and never stop experimenting.