Queen Victoria : an epitome of fashion and elegance

Queen Victoria : an epitome of fashion and elegance

The Victorian era marked the true beginnings of art and fashion. Queen Victoria was known for her contemporary taste. Her influence triggered tremendous growth in society. Under her reign, British society witnessed remarkable change in inventions, technology and fashion. Never had anyone been followed and loved with this dedication. Jewellery was crucial for the Queen.

Her jewellery style was inspired by generation old royal trend.

If you wish to make a royal statement, you should know these Queen Victorias personal favorites:


Heart-Shaped Locket:

A precious gold heart-shaped locket with a miniature portrait of the Prince Albert was the Queens favourite. Floral designs were popular during this era. After the death of Prince Albert, these lockets with miniature portraits were produced in large numbers to distribute among close friends and relatives. It was a symbol of love and memory of Prince. Victorian inspired pendants are still in vogue.


Popular Fashion Trends:

Queen Victorias bridal jewellery was inspired by Turkish design. In 1848, when Queen Victoria made Balmoral Estate as a family home in Scotland, she was enchanted with Scottish designs. Jewelry in the Scottish tradition was generally recognized as "fashion" jewelry. Flexible bracelets, enameled jewellery and brooches were popular.



Popular Stones in Victorian Era:

Queen loved jewellery with elaborate design style. Her love was not just restricted to diamonds, but also coloured precious stones such as amethyst, garnet, emerald, sapphire, golden quartz, topaz and corals. Queen Victoria’s gift Koh-I-Noor was one of her favourites. Her crown was crafted by skilled craftsmen from across the globe.



Victorian Jewellery Types:

Jewellery like diamond earrings, pendants, floral necklaces and long slide chains were preferred in the Victorian era. Even todays woman cant resist, but own at least one pair of solitaire earrings and a string of pearls. The brooch was one of the most loved accessories of the Queen. Today we are familiar with its use in any marriage function. Every Victorian design was a reflection of feminine charm. Natural colour elements, petals, flowers form the basis of the Victorian fashion. Intricate designs and world class craftsmanship made Victorian jewellery a mass trend in early 90s.

Queen Victorias fashion laid foundation of élite jewellery. Todays jewellery trends are vastly inspired by her contemporary yet royal style.