Methods used for Jewelry Designing

Methods used for Jewelry Designing

Jewelry designing is the art and profession of designing and creating jewelry- you need that vision and creativity to design unique and elegant jewelry designs. The art has taken many forms throughout the centuries, from the simple beadwork of ancient times to the sophisticated metalworking and gem cutting known in the modern days.

Traditional methods:

Traditional hand drawing and drafting methods are still used in designing jewelry at the conceptual stage particularly, wherein the designer conveys the exact idea of his design by illustrating it precisely and accurately, keeping the sizes and proportions in mind. The traditional hand-illustrated jewelry is typically transformed into wax or metal by a skilled craftsman.


Modern Method:

With technology overtaking man-power, a shift is taking place from hand-drafting to computer aided design software like Rhinoceros 3D and Matrix. A CAD model is generally used as the basis for a CNC cut or 3D printed 'wax' pattern to be used in the rubber molding or lost wax casting processes.

Jewelry design has remained relatively constant over the years. The fundamental references, production techniques, and materials from ages ago are still being used to this day. Yet the recent rapid developments in technology and machinery have allowed artists easier alternatives to some of the old methods. These advancements have also transformed the significance and social weight jewelry holds.