Lesser known facts about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Lesser known facts about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Some call him Bapu and others titled him as Mahatma. It literally means the great soul. The father of India, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his gigantic contribution in India’s freedom fight. This great visionary showed the world the power of truth and non-violence. An entire country celebrates the national holiday on 2nd October as it’s the birthday of Gandhiji. To pay tribute to his great efforts, the UN had declared this day as an ‘international day of non-violence’. Many activities are conducted on this day to celebrate his devotion towards our beloved nation.

But, there is more to his favourite prayer and independence movement. Here are some lesser known facts about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:

  1. Mahatma Gandhi was a part of the civil rights movement across the world. This movement spread the world over 4 continents and 12 countries.
  2. He was planning to dissolve the Congress party during his later days.

  3. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs considered Gandhi as an inspiring figure. He used Gandhi’s reference in one of the first TV commercial of Apple. Steve’s round glasses were a tribute to M. K. Gandhi.

  4. In almost every Indian city, at least one major road is named after Mahatma Gandhi. Even outside india, there are 50 roads worldwide named after him. It shows his character not only influenced his countrymen, but people across the globe.

  5. He had an Irish accent. Gandhi’s early life teacher was an Irishman. That’s what got him unusual Irish accent.

  6. Noble peace nomination: A hero with the most beloved virtue of non-violence was nominated for the Noble peace award more than 5 times throughout his lifetime.

  7. M. K. Gandhi was a great walker. Everyday he would walk 18 kms for all his lifetime.
  8. The Great Britain, a country against whom we held freedom movement for hundred years, released a Gandhi stamp to pay tribute to this great man.

  9. Wiston Churchill was the great outspoken critic of Gandhi.
  10. He studied from a law school in London and was popular for his bad handwriting. He was also an average student in math and geography.

    Gandhi’s journey inspired many lives to join and finally attain freedom. He was the backbone of country’s peace activities. Many writers and intellectuals have been still praising and following his path of non/violence. We celebrate his birthday with the glitter of eternal diamonds, just like his teachings. Explore our everyday wear diamond jewellery range at www.pristinefire.com