Know the meaning of your zodiac sign?

Know the meaning of your zodiac sign?

Zodiac signs in astrology have been popularly known for the thousands of years. Originated in old Mesopotamia, these zodiacs were mapped with alignments of stars in the sky. Each of the 12 zodiac signs carries a special meaning. The symbols in astrology are also known as glyphs.  Let’s uncover the hidden meaning of every zodiac sign.

1. Aries (March 20st –April 18th)
This is the first zodiac sign with its representation as ram’s horns. Aries is also popularly known as
Spring Equinox Sign. It marks the beginning of spring. That’s when the farmers do most of their fieldwork. People born under this fire sign are fearless and outspoken. Ram’s horn symbolises abundance and courage. Flaunt your Aries charm with this diamond studded zodiac pendant.


  1. Taurus(April 19th– May 20st)
    The second zodiac sign is represented by  the bull of heaven. People who are born under this sign show strong traits of an earth element. They are dedicated, stable and uncompromising. The head of bull symbolises strength and courage. This Taurus zodiac pendant with diamond studded horns is sure to uplift your strength.


  1. Gemini(May 21nd–June 19st)
    This third zodiac sign is represented by twins Castor and Pollux. This sign is ruled by the clear and direct element of an air. People born under Gemini are fast learners and the most talkative of all signs. The half immortal twins symbolises contrasting halves of one person. Unleash your impressive side with this beautiful diamond studded zodiac pendant.


  1. Cancer(June 20st– July 21nd)
    The sign of cancer belongs to the water element. It is represented by the crab. Cancer was also known as the "dark sign" because of the obscured visibility of its constellation in the sky. Cancerians are highly sensitive and emotional. Wear this unique Cancerian zodiac pendant and flaunt the real you.


  1. Leo(July 22nd– August 22nd)
    This fifth zodiac sign originates from the constellation of Leo. It is symbolic of the Nemean Lion with the golden fur. Ruled by fire, people born under this sign are passionate and aggressive. Compliment your passion with this diamond studded zodiac pendant and the world will be at your feet.


  1. Virgo(August 23rd– September 22nd)
    This is the second largest constellation of all zodiacs. The goddess Astraea represents this 6th zodiac sign. Ruled by earth, Virgos are often known for their perfectionist nature. Inspired by perfection, this diamond studded Virgo zodiac pendant is as beautiful as you.


  1. Libra(September 23rd– October 22nd)
    Ruled by air, this sign has the scales as its representation. As per the Roman mythology, the scale depicts lady of justice. It stands for harmony and balance. Librans always avoid chaos and conflicts in order to preserve their real selves. Every Libran would fall in love with this precious diamond studded zodiac pendant. Flaunt your balanced side.

  1. Scorpio(October 23rd– November 21st)
    This eight sign of zodiac originates from the constellation of Scorpion. It is represented by a scorpion. People who share this sign are mysterious and strong-willed. This zodiac pendant is a perfect piece of jewellery for all mysterious beings. Wear it and unveil your Scorpion spark.  


  1. Sagittarius(November 23rd– December 21st)
    This ninth zodiac sign is indicated by a half man and half horse. It is also represented by a bow and arrow. Ruled by fire, Sagittarians have a scientific and a creative mind. Inspired by fire and passion, this zodiac pendant is too hot to handle. Grab one for yourself or for your loved one.


  1. Capricorn(December 22ndto January 19th)
    Ruled by the earth element, this sign is indicated by the goat with the lower body of fish tail. In Sumerians’, this symbol is known for the god of intelligence. Wear this diamond studded Capricorn pendant and let your intelligence speak for you.

  1. Aquarius(January 20th– February 19th)
    The last-second zodiac sign, Aquarius is indicted by the water bearer. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, people born under this sign are humanitarian and independent. It is one of the oldest constellations of the zodiac. Inspired by Aquarians’ core persona, this diamond studded zodiac pendant perfectly complements every true Aquarian.


  1. Pisces(February 20th– March 21st)
    The last sign of the zodiac is represented by the twin fish. Ruled by water, this sign is also known as Alpha Piscium. People who are born under this sign are emotional, selfless and intuitive. This zodiac pendant is inspired by the water element and a sign of Pisces. Flaunt your true Pisces charm with this diamond studded beauty.


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