Kashmiri Jewellery: An epitome of elegance and purity

Kashmiri Jewellery: An epitome of elegance and purity

No place on the earth can be compared to the mystic land of Kashmir. The beauty of pure nature has received admiration from worldwide tourists. This beautiful land has witnessed rthe rise and fall of many emperors. The great influence of the Persian culture and language can be seen in its art and lifestyle.

Kashmir is not just known for its vast landscape and mountains but also for its art of jewellery making. Kashmiri women wear unique jewellery. Here’s a guide to the 5 most popular Kashmiri jewellery types.

  1. Tika:

  2. An ornament for the head is commonly known as Tika and Jiggni. This head ornament comes in triangle or circular shape, usually worn during wedding times. This type of jewellery is made up of precious metals like gold and silver, with beads of pearls.


  1. Bala or Deji-hor:

This is one of the highly used type of jewellery in Kashmir. On any occasion, Kashmiri women choose these hanging gold fringes with the turquoise. The Deji-hor is a crucial ornament for the Kashmiri Hindu married women. It is indicative of the wedlock. Most of the women wear Deji-hor on their ear.


  1. Chokers:

The tribal Kashmiri chokers are famous of their design. Crafted in silver, these chokers are studded with Ruby and emeralds. The most unique and complex craftsmanship makes every choker elegant and hard to replicate.


  1. Branshil:

This type of jewellery plays crucial role in Kashmiri culture, as it is given from the mother to a daughter at the time of marriage. Made up of silver and gold discs, this jewellery fixed on the left shoulder.


  1. Bangar:

Kashmiri jewellery is inspired a lot by the nature. Bangar is the wrist ornament with subtle play of colours. These fun bangles are used on daily basis by most of the Kashmiri women.


Kashmiri jewellers and craftsmen have started to follow customer-driven designs to llure them. The filigree setting is origaned from the Kashmiri culture. If you are loooking for playful coloured stone jewellery, check our coloured stone collection. www.pristinefire.com