Jewellery trends for perfect winter look

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Jewellery trends for perfect winter look

Winter is the time of celebration. It’s a favourite season of every party lover. Here are some winter jewellery trends you must know.

Chandelier Earring:

Any party or wedding is incomplete without a touch of glitter. Vogue’s hottest trend of the season will make you go bold and glam with Chandelier Earrings. Oversized Bling Chandelier Earrings are perfect for any casual or traditional occasion. White Chandeliers go well with any outfit, but you can also choose brown and gold Chandeliers for adding a spark to your look.

Chunky bracelets:

Chunky bracelets are perfect to welcome festivities of the season. Beautifully crafted Kundan with Pearl strings are more than perfect to add charm to your festive look.

Layered look:

You will never go wrong with this popular trend because we all love the layered look. Few strings of Pearls or Polki are enough to grab some eyeballs in the party. Use brown or deep hues of red on a peach outfit or plain Pearl strings on Green Saree.

Floral designs:

When it comes to jewellery design, nature has always been the biggest inspiration. Since the nineteenth century till now, we see the influence of petals, symmetry and wide usage of floral elegance on jewellery.
Diamonds to gold, every woman secretly love floral. Light-weight Gold lariat with floral cascading or oversized ring with butterfly wings is too good to ignore if you love nature inspired jewellery. Choose coloured stones crafted in Rose or White gold to have a perfectly elegant look.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail parties are important when it comes to a winter season. Gear yourself with some bold and colourful cocktail rings that can go with any outfit. Emeralds and Rubies are high in demand. Diamond studded Cocktail rings with floral designs are loved by every woman.