How to take care of your precious jewellery?

How to take care of your precious jewellery?

Summer has begun and its indeed fun season to flaunt your chic soul. Floral prints, long dresses, beach parties are everyone’s favourite to cope the heat of the summer. Without the touch of jewellery, no occasion or vacation is complete. Indeed summer heat not just harmful to your skin, but for your jewellery too.
Here are some jewellery care tips for this season:

1.Chlorine is not buddy:

We all love to take an evening swim or get soaked in a beach party. Water is soothing to beat the heat, but it’s not good for your jewellery. Chlorinated water can easily erode finish of metal and gemstones. So, before you think of taking a swim, remove all your jewellery and keep it safe.

2.Sun block is only good for the skin, not for jewellery:

To enjoy summers, skin care product like sun block is a must.
But, it’s not really good for your jewellery. The chemicals in creams can form a layer on jewellery and make it look dull and dingy.

3.Keep it dry:

Elaborate wedding functions are the perfect occasions to flaunt your precious shiny baubles. Always wipe jewellery after use. Carry small jewellery box to avoid jewellery loss. Store your jewellery in a dry place. You can use cotton or soft cloth for cleaning.


4.Find a perfect jewellery box:

Summer comes with many eventful things like marriages, vacations. A perfect jewellery box can make things easier for you. Go for a fabric-lined box with a dedicated storage space.
These will help you manage your long line lariats, earrings and rings. A compartmented box will avoid friction and damage of jewellery.


Once the season is over, go for professional jewellery cleaning at any reputed jewellery.
Precious things need good care for them to last long. Shine bright this summer season, with some latest jewellery trends. Click here to view more.