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How to clean your jewelry?

You might obviously know about the old school methods of cleaning your jewelry, like using toothpaste to make diamonds sparkle, beer to bring a shine on your gold and ketchup to polish silver- but don’t try this method on your own jewelry. Get your valuable jewelry sparkling and shining better than ever by using these simple cleaning tips.


1. Gold and Diamonds:

Lotion, soaps and everyday dirt can clog the prongs, making stones appear facet-less and flat. Have you ever looked under your ring? Even gold chains and pendant get gunked up through every day wear. Cleanse your gold in a bubble bath by pouring a few drops of mild dish soap into a small bowl of sodium-free seltzer water or club soda. Put the jewelry into a small strainer, and place it in the bowl to soak for about five minutes. Swish it around, fishing out each piece to go over settings and crevices with a soft toothbrush. Put the items back to the strainer and rinse under running water; dry them with a soft cloth. For costume jewelry, especially if stones are glued rather than set, dab a cloth into the bubbly solution and gently wipe any smudges or grime, then "rinse" them with a dampened cloth in plain water. Pat dry and keep the pieces upside down so moisture won't soak into the setting.


2. Shine your Silver:

Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and dip in a soft cloth. Rub the jewelry, then rinse in cool water and buff with a cloth until dry. Mix a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water, in case there is a heavy tarnish on your jewelry. Wet the silver and apply the cleaner with a soft, lint-free cloth. Work the paste into the crevices, turning the cloth as it gets gray. Don't soak silver; this speeds up tarnishing rather than removing it.


3. Pearls:


Pearls are very porous and they can easily loose their luster. Real, cultured or faux, they must be cleaned with care. First lay the strand on a soft cloth. Dip a clean, small makeup brush into a mixture of warm water and a little shampoo, and go over each pearl. To finish, rinse the pearls with a clean, well-wrung damp cloth. Let the strand dry flat to prevent the string from stretching.

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