How to choose a perfect engagement ring?

How to choose a perfect engagement ring?

An engagement marks the beginning of new life with your loved one. This big day is celebrated in a big way. And the most important part of this ceremony needs equal attention. Yes! You need to be sure about your engagement ring, as you are going to flaunt it for a lifetime.

Here are some tips to know how to choose a perfect engagement ring that suits your hand:

Wearing pattern
This is one of the most crucial part of selecting a ring. Many of us use engagement rings as daily wear jewellery. It means the design and craft has to be neutral enough to go with any attire.
The diamonds studded in your ring are as special as you. To bear the brunt of rough use, go for Bezel setting. In this popular setting, the rim of metal surrounds diamonds and provides extra protection and support to avoid diamonds from falling off.


Diamond shape
The shape of your diamond ring is the hero of your ring styling. The most desirable shape of a diamond can surely add extra charm to your ring and uplift the beauty of your hand. Women prefer oval or pear shaped stones to give an elongated illusion to their fingers. If you have petite hands, you can play with a round or square shape.


Right setting for beautiful fingers
If you have beautiful long fingers, go for bold designs like art deco, linear patterns with multi-stone rings. Bold shapes and lines will surely enhance the glam of your fingers. If you hold a wine glass at a party, no one would dare to miss your envious engagement ring. The Princess Cut and Round Cut are best suited for long fingers.


Add drama to your ring
It is important not overpower design with diamonds. Identify your personal favourite design. If you are not sure about solitaire, go for infinity bands or multi-stone designs. This will add a little drama to your fingers. You can also choose a contemporary four-claw setting for a cleaner look.


Choose your colour
Many couples like to experiment with coloured stones for engagement rings. Rubies, brown diamonds, sapphire can be used for engagement rings. For slim fingers, use smaller stones in the thicker band. You can use coloured stones and diamonds to create a mesmerising contrast.


Every engagement ring symbolises the eternal bond of love. To treasure this bond for a lifetime, know your perfect ring design. Explore our alluring ring designs from a special engagement ring collection here: