How to check the authenticity of a diamond?

How to check the authenticity of a diamond?

There are many ways to check the authenticity of a diamond. You can send it to a professional jeweler or a certified institution. This can be time consuming and may cause anxiety of damage or loss to some. Therefore, here are 3 simple steps check the authenticity of a diamond at home:

1. Use the fog test.

Put the stone in front of your mouth and fog it like you would to a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple of seconds, it’s probably a fake one — a real diamond disperses the heat from your breath instantaneously and won't fog up easily. Even if you wait in between fogging it up and looking at it, it will still clear much faster than a fake one.

2. Check the setting and mount.

A real diamond is not likely to be set in a cheap metal. Stamps inside the setting indicating real gold or platinum (10K, 14K, 18K, 585, 750, 900, 950, PT, Plat) are a good sign, while a "C.Z." stamp will give away that the center stone is not a real diamond. Z. stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a kind of synthetic diamond.

3. Use a jeweler's loupe to inspect the diamond.

You can usually borrow one from the jewelry store. Mined diamonds usually have small naturally occurring imperfections, which are called "inclusions," that can be seen with a loupe. Look for small flecks of minerals, or very slight color changes. These are both signs that you're dealing with a real, albeit imperfect, diamond.