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How are diamonds made?

Making Diamonds: A Million Years in the Making

The word diamond comes from the greek word “Adamas”, which means unbreakable or indestructible. Diamonds form between 120-200 kms or 75-120 miles below the earth's surface.

Diamond is composed of pure carbon. In order for carbon to crystalize in the form of diamond tremendous temperatures and pressures are required. In our natural world these conditions only exist at great depths beneath the crust of the Earth. Most diamonds found on earth today formed billions of years ago, which is what makes these gems so valuable and expensive.

In order for diamond to form there must be an available source of carbon and a specific range of temperature and pressures must align. This happens around 100 miles below the crust. Once crystalized the diamonds must be rapidly transported to the surface without undergoing substantial change. The most common way these diamonds are transported to the surface are through volcanic eruptions.

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