History of Indian Jewellery

History of Indian Jewellery

With great legacy of 5000 years, jewellery in India is aesthetically rich and known for its elegance. In Indian, ornamentation believed to begin during Indus Valley civilization. Men and women used to wear gold jewellery on various occasions.

The rise and fall of many empires have influenced the art of jewellery design. Jewellery crafted in precious metals and stones are always considered to be valuable assets. They are symbolic of the prestige. Over the period of time, the art of jewellery making was inspired by many cultures as well as nature. Maurya ruled during 4 th and 2 nd century BCE. During this era, jewellery was crafted in precious metals like gold and gemstones.

Temple jewellery is another popular Indian traditional type. This kind of jewellery is known for its fine craftsmanship. We can find three major design variations in temple, i.e. bridal, spiritual and the temple. Earlier it was used to adorn gods and goddesses. Originated in the 9 th century, this type of jewellery was largely used in South India. A Kuchipudi dancer’s getup is incomplete without temple jewellery. Due to the elaborate use of gold, this type of jewellery is usually high in price. To cater to continous demand for temple jewellery, many affordable designs are available in silver.

Even celebrities like Vidya Balan love the traditional temple look.

Mughals are one of the biggest contributors to Indian ethnic jewellery style. They came to Indian in the 16 th century. This was also known as the Golden Age of Indian Jewellery. In this era, royal families used to display their wealth with elegantly designed stone studded jewellery pieces. The abundant use of diamonds, rubies, pearls and skilled craftsmanship forms a strong basis of Mughal jewellery. Floral designs influenced the jewellery language in this era. Big nose rings, enamelled rings and strings of pearls were popularly used. Even films like Jodha Akbar, Padmavat extensively used big and bold jewellery pieces to portray the rich bygone era. Even the first ever diamonds were mined in the rich land of India.

The history of Indian jewellery is vast and colourful. Many cultures and rulers cultivated and flourished the art of jewellery. Even today, most of our jewellery trends are inspired by the richness
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