Get hitched for sure with this jewellery proposal

Get hitched for sure with this jewellery proposal

An anonyms once said, “Love is incomplete if remains unspoken”. Yes, that’s why we celebrate the bond of love with a proposal. Beautiful diamond studded rings are perfect to express your feelings. Every couple shares a special bond therefore marriage proposal should be unique. But, many men look for last minute gifts and rings without giving much attention to few important things. Here are best jewellery gifts suggestions for your special proposal.


1. Classic Diamond Ring:

Diamonds never fail to impress any woman. If you are looking for a ring that
will steal her heart, go for a classic diamond ring. You can choose yellow or white
gold as per your partner’s choice. Half or full eternity band studded with glittering
diamonds will surely bring smile to her face. There are many diamond qualities
available as per every budget.

2. Contemporary Heart-shaped Pendant:

If you are not sure about your girlfriend’s ring size, chick and romantic heart-shaped pendant should be your choice for the special proposal day. Heart symbol signifies love and it’s loved by every woman. A contemporary rose gold heart pendant will make your proposal perfect.

3. Classic Gemstone Ring:

Love adds many colours to your love. If your partner likes drama, the ranges of colourful gemstones are just made for her. If you know her birthstone, gift her stunning ring studded with chunky colored stone. Beautiful floral designs will surely make her fall in love.

4. Eternity Ring:

A perfect piece of jewellery that stands for eternal love, as it’s made up of a continuous line of precious diamonds with similar design. No woman can resist its beautiful and timeless design. This ring is surely the make your proposal unforgettable.

Make your proposal special and memorable with these shiny baubles. Surprise your girlfriend by adding a little touch of fun with a handwritten note, and she will love it. Gift your loved one the jewelry of her lifetime, explore our special designs