Famous couples who got hitched on Valentine’s Day

Famous couples who got hitched on Valentine’s Day

Marriage is a serious business. Taking vows on a Love Day is probably the dream of every lover. Some of us might find it cheesy, but lovers will be lovers. In Bollywood, almost every story revolves around love, romance, and passion.

Here are some famous couples who married on Valentine’s Day.


Arshad Warsi & Maria Goretti

Arshad and Maria’s love story began in 1991, when they met during a college festival.
Maria’s charm made Arshad fall in love at first sight. A couple even dated for eight long years and married on 14th Feb. 1999. Now their love story is full of love with their two cute kids.


Ram Kapoor and Gautami Gadgil

Ram and Gautami won hearts of viewers with their mind blowing on-screen chemistry for TV serial Ghar Ek Mandir. Gautami was just 16 when she started her acting career. Gautami’s modest nature and great acting skills made Ram go head-over-heels in love with her. Ram proposed her at one evening party and they tied knot on 14th Feb. 2003. Ram and Gautami is one of the most romantic couples in the industry. They are blessed with two lovely kids.


Sanjay Datt and Rhea Pillai

Bollywood’s famous hunk Sanjay was madly in love with his long-time darling Rhea Pillai.
Rhea and Sanjay’s love story began during his Bombay blast trial. She stood by him even then. Sanjay proposed her on Valentine’ Day and the couple took holy vows in 1998.

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Nirali Mehta

Handsome Ruslaan and Nirali’s love story is just like a fairy tale. The couple admitted when they saw each other for the first time, cupid did his magic. Ruslaan fell in love with her in no time. They officially married on 14th Feb 2014.


Love is magical and few celebrities made their Love Day a memorable one. Let love sparkle on this Valentine’s Day.  Here are some couples bands to celebrate the bond of your love http://bit.ly/22RaBQE