Facts you never knew about London Fashion Week

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Facts you never knew about London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is a truly global phenomenon in the fashion industry. It drives innovation in the fashion industry and offers a perfect platform for upcoming designers to express their art.
If you want to know more about this one of the
big fourfashion weeks, here are some interesting facts:

Everyone waits for it.. literally everyone:

London Fashion Week is more than just a clothing show. It’s about innovation. One of the most iconic shows in fashion industry saw Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Princess Diana in its list of attendees. Also, fashion enthusiast like Samantha Cameron attended last LFW. From sports stars to pop singers, LFW dazzles with celebs from various industries.


Even recession blues couldn’t beat LFW:

During 1992, UK economy suffered a heavy recession. LFW was still on with few handpicked designers in Ritz.


Fashion Flags:

LFW is known for the display of prolific collections and international style of clothing and accessories. Oxford Street started a new initiative in 90s to celebrate key industry designers with fashion flags. During every LFW, Oxford Street is usually decked up with these designer flags.


Life Changing Event:

LFW is all about the interesting life changing stories. In 1995, Stella McCourtney has been just a college student when she showcased her collection in LFW. Even she could not believe, she sold it all in just a few days after the show.


Fashion industry supports more than 8 million jobs in the UK and London Fashion Week is the major player. For the last 30 years, LSW has been a place where trend setters meet their passion to reach global audiences.