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Extraterrestrial diamonds: Mystic of the universe

The diamonds on earth are very rare and small in size, but diamonds found in space are present in abundance. These diamonds are also known as extraterrestrial diamonds.

Have you thought of a planet where it rains diamonds? In our solar system, ice giants Neptune and Uranus have ample of diamonds. Even meteorites have nano diamonds. An alien planet known as Super - Earth is made up of diamond. It is situated nearby our Milky Way. A space has numerous diamonds found in meteorites, interior of planets, stars and cosmic dust. They are a billion year old.

Every natural diamond found on earth has a unique internal structure, that makes diamonds valuable and forever. Diamonds with different colours always have a great value. They create perfect stones for high value jewellery. Carbonado or black diamonds are the examples of extraterrestrial diamonds. These black diamonds may come from outer space. They were found in Brazil and Central African Republic.

In outer space, diamonds are formed when meteorites collide with asteroids. The age of diamonds on earth is roughly 3.5 billion years. They are formed in the earth’s crust as deep as 500 to 600 miles down. They come to the earth’s surface due to volcanic eruptions. Diamonds on any planet is an evidence that water. Every year there are 1000 tons of diamonds created on the Saturn. Chunks of diamonds float in the atmosphere of Jupiter. At high pressure, they melt and rain liquid diamond on Jupiter’s surface.


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