Everything you need to know about the process of nose piercing

Everything you need to know about the process of nose piercing

Piercing is a part of many cultures for thousands of years. it was originated in the Middle East approximately 4000 years ago. Nose piercing is usually done by women. In Indian culture, mostly married women pierce their nose as a part of the tradition. Nose-jewels are flaunted in historic movies as they were proud jewels of the royal heirloom. Remember how stunning Jodha looked with her statement nose ring or Kashi from Bajirao Mastani with her Nath? Nose piercing has become a worldwide trend.

Many hipsters including men and women prefer to have their nose pierced. It has also been a part of Australian Aboriginal culture. In 80’s and 90’s American youth inclined towards piercing due to the rise of Punk culture. As per Indian tradition, nose piercing is done on the left side, due to its unique significance in Ayurveda. As per this ancient science, nerves on the left side of the nostrils are associated with female reproductive health and that’s why piercing helps women.

Nose piercing should be done in a systematic way to avoid stubborn wounds and infection.

Here are some nose piercing tips you should know:

  • Nose piercing is can be painful and unpleasant if you don’t know the exact place for it. That’s why determine which side of your nose you want to pierce. You need to be certain and vocal about it, as it can easily go wrong.
  • Choose the traditional method. You might be interested in trying piercing guns, but they may do a potential damage to your nerves than you imagine. So, stick to the traditional method that includes the usage of thin gold wire.
  • Always wash your hands before touching the piercing area.
  • Clean the piercing by using saline water to avoid any bacterial infection. You can also create a sea-salt solution for this process.

  • Don’t use makeup or moisturiser during the healing period. For nostrils, the approximate healing period is about 6-8 weeks.
  • Avoid swimming with your new piercing, as it increases the risks of getting infected.

  • Wash the pierced jewellery with mild soap.

  • Avoid playing with the pierced area, it might delay the healing process.

  • After completion of a healing process, you can easily remove existing jewellery piece to wear a new one.

Nose piercing becomes simple if guided by an expert and a right procedure. Maintain cleanliness and your nose piercing will look stunning in a few weeks.

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