Everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s wedding jewellery

Everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s wedding jewellery

A newlywed royal bride Meghan had a fairy tale wedding in London. The jewellery of this Duchess of Sussex was as stunning as her. The Queen gifted her Welsh gold wedding band to wear on her big day. And Meghan sparkled brighter on her wedding day with this precious jewellery.


Cartier’s Diamond Earring
Meghan chose beautiful and elegant diamonds earrings from Cartier to match with her wedding outfit. The sparkle on her ears was perfectly suiting her hairstyle.These earrings were made up of 18kt White gold and brilliant-cut diamonds.


Princess Diana’s Ring
Princess Diana’s love for style and precious jewellery was popular. Her beautiful collection had this bold aquamarine ring, which Meghan could not resist but chose to wear on an evening function. Princess Diana was often spotted with this precious emerald ring. Meghan wore this ring as a tribute to Harry’s loving mom.

Wedding Day Tiara
  On a big day, Meghan was dressed in a luxurious yet simple Givenchy outfit matched with Mary Tiara. Queen’s one of the favourite filigree tiara was the choice of a bride on her wedding day. This masterpiece was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in 1911. As per its name, this tiara belongs to Queen Mary. After Queen Mary’s death, this tiara was inherited by the Duchhess of Kent.

 This classic and statement piece was borrowed from the Queen’s crowned jewellery collection. It was mounted in Art Deco style with 11 sections of  diamonds. In 1893, Queen’s grandmother Mary wore this vintage tiara on her wedding day.


Wedding Ring
Meghan’s wedding ring was made up of Welsh gold. It was inspired by the one Duchess of Cambridge used to wear. The bride loved this old-fashioned three stone ring crafted in yellow gold.  The Welsh mines are rare, therefore this ring has a great significance and considered as one of the most precious jewellery in royal families.

This ring was very special for Prince Harry as it shared two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection. Due to its rareness, Welsh mines are almost exhausted. Therefore, Meghan’s wedding ring becomes more expensive.

Cartier Bracelet:

Meghan wore a beautiful custom made diamond bracelet from Cartier. This stunning piece was delicately designed for Meghan to flaunt on her special day. This bracelet is also said to be a gift to her from Prince Harry. The design was inspired by the Reflection Collection. Meghan’s unusual choice of jewellery stunned everyone. Yet, she confidently wore her favourite pieces on her special day. This new bride certainly revived some old royal jewellery trends. If you also wish to own precious diamond pieces for your big day, explore our bestsellers here www.pristinefire.com