Ever-green pearl jewellery for every occasion

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Ever-green pearl jewellery for every occasion

Unique lustrous pearls are indicative of feminine charm and elegance. Love of pearls is not a new affair. Royal epitome of fashion; Maharani Gayatri Devi surely adds to pearl jewellery trend. Modern women love them too. A single string of pearls or an oversized pearl choker can never go wrong.

If you want to steal the show with a right type of pearl jewellery, here are some tips.


Classic Style:

If don't want to repeat regular office wear jewellery, try a string of pearls with white top. You can also try classic short length pearl string with shirt and skirt.


Chunky Pearl Cuff and Chokers:

From Hollywood actresses to pop icons, pearls go beyond the boundaries of conventional look. Even Rihanna flaunts oversized pearl studded cuff and choker with her casual look.


Pearl Nose Rings in Sonam’s style:

Nose rings are back in vogue. It’s a bold and hottest trend of the season. Thanks to celebrities like Sonam Kapoor. She flaunts it in a style; not on ethnic but fusion attire. Use a pearl-studded nose ring on a pair of jeans with some messy hair bun or match it with the wedding dress.


Signature Pearl Set:

No evening look is complete without a signature set of jewellery. Use beautiful pearl set with diamonds and colored stones on evening gown. Pair it with diamond earrings and oversized pearl ring. Go minimal with
Y-shaped pearl necklace on red dress to grab some eyeballs.